60 Workers Hired in 7 Weeks


A large medical device manufacturer in the Indianapolis region was experiencing hiring challenges due to wage increases from their local competitor and unemployment benefits decreasing the pool of qualified candidates.

The client had to fill 60+ job orders in less than 7 weeks for their peak season while also experiencing 34% turnover.


Exegistics was brought in to evaluate the situation and develop a strategy to boost hiring and retention. Our team performed a wage market analysis and analyzed turnover data to understand our client’s gaps in their hiring and retention programs. We implemented a Workforce Ramp-Up Plan that included adjusting advertising and increasing their online presence, building an onsite and virtual recruiting platform, and launching an incentive program to attract and retain talent.


Our Client Was Able To
  • Reduce turnover to 14% in less than 4 weeks

  • Hire 60+ workers in time for peak season

“In addition to the overall gains in staffing and reduction in turnover,” said Chris Randich, Director of Staffing Solutions, “the incentive program we developed to keep and retain talent was implemented and billed as a pass-through cost to the client, ensuring the overall program stayed on budget. We specialize in staffing solutions and understand that the market has never been more competitive. We fight for every client whether we’re filling 10 or 100 open roles.”

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