New Case Study: Developing a Staffing Solution for a Global Retail Company

Developing and implementing a long-term staffing solution is vital for global retailers. After a jewelry and accessories company was experiencing ongoing staffing issues including high turnover, constant onboarding and training, and tasks slipping through the cracks causing significant penalties, the global retailer reached out to Exegistics to build a long-term staffing solution to resolve these issues. Read our recent case study for more details on how we are accomplishing a 100% fill rate for required orders and keeping up with high-volume seasonal demands.

Moving quickly, we addressed both short-term and long-term staffing challenges. From providing an on-site management role and investigating the factors that impact employee retention to conducting marketing research and implementing leadership and training best practices, our team demonstrated our ability to place prospective employees in the correct positions.

“We implemented more efficient tools to support our staffing solutions – such as new time clocks and a centralized payroll and invoicing system,” says Chris Randich, Director of Staffing Solutions at Exegistics. “These changes are saving the company time and money. Now all staffing goes through us, and the change is significant.”

To learn more about how Exegistics built and applied a long-term staffing solution for a global retailer, click here.

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