New Case Study: Keeping a Medical Testing Kit Company Ahead of the Curve with a Full 3PL Solution

Coronavirus testing plays a pivotal role in helping business re-open and stay open. For a company specializing in medical testing kits, learn how our 3PL expertise is helping them scale quickly to meet market demand.

Read the full case study here.

“From dock to stock and then from stock to customer, we are working in lockstep with Base10 Genetics to ensure they can keep up with growing demand for their product,” said Steve Bilden, VP of Operations for Exegistics.

Staffing has been an integral part of the success story as well.

“The Exegistics team has been critical to our growth,” says BASE10 CEO Michael Fang, MD, “More than just a business, we are helping people get the care they need in this pandemic.   We needed a nimble partner and we liked Exegistics’ approach. Their transparency, technology and pricing structure enables us to keep our costs down and provide affordable, reliable medical testing kits to our healthcare clients.”

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