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Exegistics Resources Solutions (ERS) is a division of Exegistics that focuses on providing exceptional Light Industrial operation staffing solutions to a variety of diverse industries.  As a Third-Party Logistics Provider running world class operations for Fortune 500 companies, we know exactly how to recruit and retain talented operators that can help drive your operation to the next level.   We use innovative techniques to transform your operational staffing

With ERS taking care of your operational staffing needs, you can expect quantifiable results in quality, cost, delivery and safety.

What Operational Staffing Services can ERS Provide?

  • ERS can manage, improve and execute labor-intensive processes within your distribution, manufacturing and assembly operations.
  • Our Process Engineers help our clients evaluate new productivity, quality, and service efficiencies with a variety of proven approaches and tools to achieve results.
  • We can help you motivate your team with a variety of proven incentive programs to help you meet your operational goals.
  • Our Direct Hire Recruiting Team can help you find the best talent for your organization.
  • We leverage Best-in-Class Technology

How Will Using Exegistics for my Operational Staffing Needs Benefit my Business?

With vast experience in the third-party logistics, distribution and warehousing industry, we have outstanding ability to innovate logistical processes. Here’s how our work will translate to the results you’ll see:

  • Exceptional operational staffing can save you time, allowing you to focus on your core business.
  • Our operational staffing team can help you reduce cost and improve your ROI.
  • We can help improve output and efficiency.
  • Improved operational staffing can lead to an end result of improved quality.

Exegistics is extremely knowledgeable about the business and what’s going on in the industry. They save us money with their expertise and negotiation skills, which helps us become more competitive in the marketplace.

Tom J Raynolds, Director of Transportation & Logistics

Is Exegistics Right For My Team?

  • We can help with operational staffing across all distribution and assembly operations.
  • Industries we most commonly work with include manufacturing, life sciences (including the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries), consumer products, aerospace and defense contractors and government departments.
  • Exegistics is a veteran-owned business built on integrity.
  • Innovation and our valuable team members are key to our success.

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