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Established in 2008 by former Marine Corps Officer Stephen Olds, Exegistics is proud to be an official veteran owned small business (VOSB).

The famous Marine motto Semper fidelis means “always faithful.” As a company, Exegistics is led by a Marine veteran who believes in always being faithful to:

    • Our Employees. The value of teamwork, with the clear expectation from the top that every staff member must maximize their potential in executing what they’re tasked to do, for the greater good of the entire organization, is instilled in each and every member of the Exegistics team. In turn, Exegistics leadership positively engages with employees, values their input, and treats them with the loyalty, dignity, and respect that an important part of the team deserves.
    • Our Customers. At Exegistics, we understand that we will not and could not exist and prosper without our customers. We collaborate with each client to understand their unique challenges, strategize with them while developing a solution, and work with them to ensure that the implemented services truly provide supply chain improvement and overall success.
    • The Mission. The teamwork attribute that we emphasize at Exegistics applies to our mission of coming up with creative and innovative solutions that will create clear and tangible value throughout the supply chain for our customers. That’s our mission, and we gladly accept each customer challenge and tailor our solutions to fit the specific needs of our client.

Enthusiasm, discipline, toughness, a great work-ethic, good judgment and accountability are just some of the defining characteristics developed and refined by military members during honorable years of service. These positive attributes, along with wisdom and overall leadership skills gained through military service translate well to the business world and they’re embedded in the culture at Exegistics.

At Exegistics, we’re deeply proud to be certified as a veteran-owned business, and we’re committed to using our business acumen to help our customers make their supply chains as efficient as possible.

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