Leveraging Staffing and Innovation to Provide a Custom Repackaging Solution

Our client, a national B2B supplier, needed a partner to help develop a repackaging solution for a high-priority, 20,000-piece project. The company needed an efficient, cost-effective solution for resealing blister packs that didn’t require specialized equipment setup and additional in-house labor.

The project was urgent and required a partner who could deliver on several fronts:

  • Accommodate a smaller order
  • Solve the packaging issue
  • Provide warehouse space during the project
  • Handle quick turn-around to get items to market quickly
  • Preserve the quality of the PVC blister

From turning around the estimate in 24 hours to quickly hiring and training qualified staff to complete the repackaging job, Exegistics delivered.

Read the full case study for details that made a difference.

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