Turn Your Labor Shortage into a
Competitive Advantage

Turn Your Labor Shortage into a Competitive Advantage2019-01-23T15:18:23+00:00

The demand for talent is on the rise.

Do you have a strategy to fill vacancies?

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all staffing strategy. Seasonal hiring, talent shortages, and changing regulations are challenges companies face as they strive to safely and efficiently manage their workforce.

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Download our new guide, 5 Operational Staffing Trends, and tap into strategies that will allow you to stay ahead of the curve and empower you to recruit and retain top talent.

Learn how we reduced turnover 64% by building a sound talent pipeline and minimizing overtime.

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Exegistics Resource Solutions (ERS) maintains an extensive pool of qualified candidates for multiple positions and departments – and with qualified talent at the ready, we reduce time-to-fill rates, freeing your team to focus on moving your business operations forward. ERS provides:


Top candidates are contacted individually regarding each opportunity.


The best candidates likely aren’t searching for employment so we dig deeper to find passive job seekers and identify top talent.


Our candidates go through a multi-step process to ensure that we send you the best of the best.


We vet candidates based on their skills but take it a step further to ensure they’re a good match for your culture and values.


Conducting recruiting on site is another measure we take to ensure that candidates are the best fit and compatible with your company culture.


We understand that managing vendors is vital to operations, and with ERS, we’re able to take this off your hands.


We offer project-based staffing for short-term hiring needs.

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