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We Believe in the Veteran Workforce

As a veteran-owned business, Exegistics has been delivering client-driven 3PL warehousing and distribution services since 2008. Many of the character traits of military service – loyalty, integrity, a drive to succeed and a fierce work ethic – are core values of Exegistics.  

There’s no better logistics training than the military, which is logistics operating at the highest level. Exegistics founder and retired Marine Corp. Captain Stephen Olds benefited from his military service experience and now is a vocal and passionate advocate for integrating veterans into the workforce.

An accelerated learning curve, proven work ethic, and transferrable skills – along with other tangible and intangible qualities – are just some of the benefits that veterans bring to employers.

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“Veterans are disciplined team players that can bolster a wide variety of businesses. No longer is hiring a veteran a good idea, it’s good business.”

– Stephen Olds, Founder, CEO

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