High-Priority Repackaging Project


A national B2B supplier needed a partner for a high-priority 20,000-piece repackaging project. 20,000 units is a small to midsize project, not enough for the supplier to justify the cost of specialized equipment setups and additional in-house labor.

Additionally, the company was looking for an innovative solution for resealing blister packs that didn’t jeopardize the customer’s ability to clearly see and feel what they are buying.

The job involved opening original clear blister packaging, replacing a defective part, and then repackaging the products.

Blister packaging isn’t complicated, but for a smaller job, sealing the packaging with expensive equipment wasn’t an option and using a heat seal method melted the plastic.

The retail packaging client needed a partner that could deliver on a few fronts:

  • Accommodate a smaller order
  • Solve the packaging issue
  • Provide warehouse space during the project
  • Handle quick turn-around to get items to market quickly
  • Preserve the quality of the PVC blister
Exegistics provides the expertise to handle:
  • Overflows

  • Seasonal work

  • Special projects

  • Rush jobs


Matching the urgency felt by the client, Exegistics turned around an estimate within 24 hours of the initial meeting.

The smartest solution in this case turned out to be labor rather than technology. Exegistics is a leading staffing expert known for vetting and training talent to optimize packaging functions for the food, beverage, CPG, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.

Turning to its staffing team, Exegisitics identified and onboarded qualified staff and delivered an innovative solution that exceeded the expectations of its high-growth customer.

Exegistics’ dedicated team used glue for sealing the PVC blister packs, a cost-effective solution that sealed the package securely, and looked professional and high quality.

“We can scale up and down quickly which allows us to take on any size project – large or small,” said Exegistics CEO Stephen Olds. “Once we received the product in our warehouse, we had a 24-hour ramp up period then assembly began. Our total time spent on this repackaging project was roughly five business days. We have a fierce work ethic and our customers appreciate that.”

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