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Exegistics is your partner for seamless transportation brokerage solutions.

Driving Success, One Mile at a Time

Exegistics is not just a transportation and logistics company; we’re your partner in efficient, reliable, cost-effective transportation solutions. Whether you’re in need of Full Truckload (FTL) services for steel & wire, mills, or distributors, we consistently deliver. We have a strong presence in Chicago, IL, Memphis, TN, and Southern Indiana, along with Kentucky, Wisconsin, and Texas. If you’re a professional looking for transportation and logistics careers, visit our job board.

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Reliability Combined With White Glove Service

At Exegistics, we understand that your cargo isn't just a shipment;

It’s your reputation on the line. That’s why we offer white glove services that ensure your cargo reaches its destination in pristine condition. When you need storage space, fulfillment, cost-per-unit programs or projects, reverse logistics, rail-sided transport, small parcel shipments, pharmacy benefits management (BPM), or Just in Time (JIT) services, we’ve got you covered.

Your Partner for Transportation Solutions 

At Exegistics, we partner with you to design, build, and execute inbound and outbound transportation solutions. When you choose Exegistics, you’re choosing a transportation partner dedicated to your success. Exegistics is a full truckload transportation provider with a commitment to excellence in service.

Truckload Service Solutions Include: 

Talk to a Transportation Specialist
Talk to a Transportation Specialist



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Case Study

Retention Incentive Plan

A warehouse in Texas surged 29% in its parcel distribution activities but lacked the staff to deliver on its contract. Learn about a retention incentive plan that reduced turnover and was delivered as a pass-through cost.

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