Veteran Owned

We know the meaning of unwavering dedication to service.

We Believe in the Veteran Workforce

Exegistics is a certified veteran-owned business, proudly delivering client-driven 3PL warehousing and distribution services since 2008.

We believe the qualities that define the military workforce – loyalty, integrity, an unwavering drive to succeed, and a fierce work ethic also lead to success in the civilian world. These values are not just our guiding principles; they are the core of Exegistics.

Excellence Based in the Military

The military is logistics operating at the highest level, as Exegistics Founder and retired Marine Corps Captain Stephen Olds knows. Drawing from his military service experience, Stephen has become a vocal advocate for the seamless integration of veterans into the workforce. In 2020, Stephen was duly recognized by Crain’s Chicago Business as a Notable Veteran Executive, solidifying our commitment to veterans’ growth and success. At Exegistics, we understand that the military provides an accelerated learning curve, instills a proven work ethic, and imparts transferable skills. Veterans also bring intangible qualities like leadership and adaptability, making them invaluable assets to any organization.

Our Commitment to the Veteran Community 

We are invested in candidate career growth and satisfaction.

We’re on a mission to empower veterans within and outside our organization. At Exegistics, supporting veterans is not just a slogan; it’s our way of life. We go above and beyond to ensure veterans are not just a part of our workforce but a vital, respected, and appreciated segment. Learn more about how we support veterans on our YouTube channel.
  • Hiring Veterans Internally:

    Our dedication starts from within. We actively seek out veterans to join our internal team, recognizing their unique contributions.

  • Supporting Veterans Beyond Our Doors:

    Our commitment extends beyond our office walls. We hire veterans for temporary positions, ensuring they have opportunities to thrive.

  • Save the World Program:

    Exegistics promotes giving back to the veteran community. Our internal employees who have served in the military receive three days of paid time off to assist fellow veterans.

  • Veteran Job Fairs:

    Our commitment to veterans extends to attending veteran job fairs, collaborating with other veteran-supported companies, and providing executive searches for veterans. 

Career Opportunities for Veterans

As a veteran-owned business, we recognize the leadership, loyalty, and qualifications that veterans bring to the workplace. We actively recruit veterans and provide them the opportunity to start a career with a company that honors their military service and invests in their future. If you are a vet or a service member soon leaving the military, we invite you to visit our career site.

Why Hire Veterans?

Veterans bring numerous benefits to employers, including an accelerated learning curve, proven work ethic, and transferable skills, along with other tangible and intangible qualities.