The Situation

A global retailer of jewelry and accessories was experiencing ongoing staffing problems. Turnover was high, and constantly onboarding and training new hires was a burden for remaining employees. The company was struggling to meet regular operational needs, such as getting pieces out on time and meeting important quotas. During the busy holiday season, October through January, these challenges were amplified – and mistakes had more serious consequences. Company leaders reached out to Exegistics to develop a long-term staffing solution.

Global Retailer Testimonial
  • Our global retail client  is now achieving a 100% fill rate for orders and keeping up with high-volume seasonal demands.

The Solution

Exegistics started working with the client to address short-term staffing issues, vetting, hiring, and onboarding around 15 new employees – then up to 200 staff members. We quickly demonstrated the value of our expertise and ability to place the right people in the right positions, and moved into an on-site recruiting and management role. Exegistics approached the client’s staffing challenges with a holistic strategy, aiming to get to the root of each problem.

“Turnover was terrible, but our client didn’t understand why,” says Chris Randich, Director of Staffing Solutions at Exegistics. “So we investigated the different factors that contribute to employee retention and how we could improve them.”

Exegistics conducted a market data study, comparing the company’s wages to the going rates for similar roles throughout the region. And the conclusion was clear: our client’s rates were far below the market average, which made it near impossible to recruit and retain talent. As a result, the company raised its wages to be more competitive.

We also analyzed the turnover by department, shift, and supervisor. Certain sections of the company had better retention rates than others, so we looked for leadership and training best practices from these higher performing areas.

“We implemented more efficient tools to support our staffing solutions – such as new time clocks and a centralized payroll and invoicing system,” says Randich. “These changes are saving the company a ton of money and time. Now all staffing goes through us, and the change is significant. The global retailer is accomplishing a 100% fill rate for required orders and keeping up with high-volume seasonal demands.”

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