The Situation

A Fortune 50 manufacturing company was incurring significant inventory storage and freight costs due to the distance of their parts manufacturer from their location. Because the supplier’s warehouse was not at a nearby location, the global manufacturer was vulnerable to inventory stockout risks, a dreaded scenario that could generate a chain of costly events ranging from slowing or stopping its production line to layoffs.

Exegistics Delivered
  • A warehousing and transportation cost savings > $500,000

  • Significantly improved inventory quality, control, and forecasting

  • Increased production efficiencies with just-in-time (JIT) inventory deliveries

The Solution

With warehousing locations nationwide, as well as best-in-class integrated technologies, Exegistics was able to conveniently and cost effectively store, manage, and deliver critical inventory purchased by the manufacturer.

By using Exegistics for storage and transportation, the Fortune 50 manufacturer was able to avoid additional mark-ups and inflated freight costs. The manufacturer also benefited by allowing Exegistics to support all Quality Control (QC) for warehoused inventory. In multiple instances, Exegistics was able to identify inventory quality issues that prevented non-conforming inventory to be used in the production process.

The manufacturer not only saw cost savings and increased delivery efficiencies but also gained exact visibility into inventory control.  According to the Commodity Purchasing Manager, “The inventory control system was shockingly accurate. Since March of 2013, there was only one piece not accounted for and it was found shortly thereafter.”

“As important as it was to control shipping and warehousing costs, the inventory visibility and inventory control technology we brought to our client were equally important and paramount to their bottom line,” says Exegistics CEO Stephen Olds. “We are constantly innovating and improving custom software that helps our partners operate their facilities at peak efficiency.”
All supply chain systems provided by Exegistics are web-based, so the manufacturer was able to access the Customer Portal to track inventory anyplace and anytime. Because Exegistics Warehousing Management System (WMS) and Transportation Management System (TMS) are integrated into our solutions, clients see measurable cost, service, and quality results. Seeing such impressive results, the manufacturer has decided to use Exegistics solutions to store and transport even more of their inventory.

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