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Exegistics Leads Way in Identifying Disruptors that are Transforming the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry


Exegistics, a veteran-owned leader (VOSB) in supply chain innovation and third-party logistics (3PL) solutions, has published a new guide outlining 10 trends transforming the supply chain industry.

“Technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and artificial intelligence (AI) are disrupting the industry,” says CEO Stephen Olds, “and for some of us, that can be both exciting and worrying. At Exegistics we’ve always been about innovation. Our new guide focuses on trends that have been evolving but are now set to transform our industry by driving change, innovation, and agility in today’s supply chains.”

The guide provides insights on key trends that can transform high-growth business. A snapshot of three trends:

  • Blockchain Technologies – Learn why blockchain is a gamechanger for transparency, security, and scalability
  • Automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – In contrast to initial concerns, learn why 84% believe AI will give them an advantage in the industry
  • Overlapping Services for Logistics & Technology – Discover how transformative cloud-based technology can provide real-time access to warehousing, distribution, transportation, and operational staffing information from anywhere in the world.

“Pivotal changes in the supply chain industry are creating both uncertainty and opportunity,” says Olds, “and we welcome the opportunity to harness innovation and technologies as we help customers minimize risk and maximize growth opportunities.”

Exegistics recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary. The company was founded as a 3PL and supply chain company with the goal of transforming the industry by delivering value-added solutions that exceed the expectations of high-growth customers. Today, Exegistics employs more than 350 teammates operating out of 16 U.S. locations supporting clients with innovative warehousing, transportation, staffing and cutting-edge supply chain technology solutions.

Recognized as an INC 5000 company two years in a row, Exegistics also ranks 28th on the Inaugural Vet50 List of the Fastest-Growing Veteran-Led Companies in America.

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