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Exegistics Resource Solutions maintains an extensive pool of qualified candidates for multiple positions and departments. With qualified talent at the ready, we reduce time-to-fill rates, freeing your team to focus on moving your business operations forward. Exegistics offers competitive rates and ensures you consistently get the best candidates for your light industrial staffing needs. We fill positions including general labor, material handlers, forklift operators, team leads, supervisors, managers, and technicians in IL, IN, WI, TX, KY, and TN.

Seamless Communication and Onboarding Processes

Ensuring smooth communication and execution is essential to us.

Our successful processes for talent acquisition, screening, and onboarding depend on maintaining open lines of communication with our clients. When you partner with Exegistics, you can count on our commitment to transparency and responsiveness.

Quality Talent and Cutting-Edge Technology

We understand finding the right candidates is essential to your business. Exegistics provides high-quality talent, leveraging proprietary technology and reporting mechanisms to assess key performance indicators (KPIs). Our strategic approach enables us to enhance the value we deliver to your business.

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New White Paper: Hiring Playbook

In a recently published Hiring Playbook, Exegistics offers six key insights to current staffing related challenges when it comes to hiring industrial manufacturing and warehouse

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Case Study

Retention Incentive Plan

A warehouse in Texas surged 29% in its parcel distribution activities but lacked the staff to deliver on its contract. Learn about a retention incentive plan that reduced turnover and was delivered as a pass-through cost.

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