CPU Warehouse Solutions

Optimize your operations with pay-per-unit efficiency.

Warehouse and Fulfillment Services

At Exegistics, we offer CPU warehouse solutions or insource solutions as a warehousing option. This approach to warehousing and fulfillment focuses on efficiency, productivity, and delivering more value for your investment. Traditional billing by labor hours adds up fast. In many sectors, supply chain management, where you are billed based on piece count, is considered the wave of the future.

The Pay-Per-Piece Advantage

Traditional billing models often leave you wondering about the true value you're receiving.

With our CPU Warehouse Solutions, you’ll pay based on the tangible output – how many pieces we produce for you. This shift in focus creates a win-win-win scenario:

  • Employee Bonuses:

    When employees contribute to increased production, they earn bonuses, fostering a culture of productivity.

  • Client Satisfaction:

    You get more widgets produced, making you a happier client.

  • Exegistics Prosperity:

    We are delighted to see increased production because it means we are delivering more value and will be compensated accordingly.

Project CPUs and Program CPUs

Our CPU Warehouse Solutions come in two flavors to cater to your unique needs:
Project CPUs:

Ideal for one-off or project-based needs. Whether it’s managing a pallet or a specific initiative, we have the expertise to deliver results.

Program CPUs:
Designed for ongoing, continuous needs. We provide consistent, reliable services that keep your supply chain running smoothly.

Driving Efficiency

Our goal is to empower businesses with innovative, effective, and value-driven solutions.

Take control of your supply chain’s efficiency and productivity with CPU warehouse solutions from Exegistics.



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