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5 Qualities Your Warehouse Management System Needs

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An efficient warehouse management system adds ongoing value to your business – in both small, everyday and large, long-term ways. A streamlined warehouse can lead to improvements such as lowering supply chain costs, boosting customer satisfaction, and increasing profitability.

Exegistics prioritizes five essential qualities in building a warehouse management system: functionality, flexibility, integration, scalability, and focus on ROI.

“These qualities are fundamental to refining operational processes and meeting performance targets,” said Exegistics Director of Supply Chain, Rimon Malik.


A strong warehouse management system is based on functionality. This quality is composed of multiple different capabilities that operate both independently and in conjunction with one another. Carefully observe the components of your warehousing solution. What operates smoothly? What factors cause problems or delays (within inventory, labor, communication, etc.)?


A warehouse management system must be adaptable to changing circumstances and environments. As your business evolves and grows over time, it will have different warehousing needs, and you will need an elastic solution to support these changes.

“Stemming from functionality is flexibility,” said Malik. “We have to test the separate functions of a warehouse management system to see if each can be adjusted. In other words, we want to know: is there a capability for this functionality to be flexible across many applications any firm or vendor may have?”


Once you have analyzed the functionality of your warehouse capabilities, and you are confident you can apply these solutions across multiple, flexible needs, you need to determine how to integrate everything into a seamless system.

“Integrating each element of your warehouse management into one cohesive system allows for proactive and smart data exchange,” said Malik. “This gives you the ability to forecast inventory needs, determine logistical scheduling, and promote smart procurement methods.”


Planning ahead is paramount when running a business. You need to know where you are heading and how you plan to achieve the results that will yield growth and profitability.

And your warehouse management system must also be ready to keep pace with your business forecasts and goals. If you reach your year-end objectives, will your current system be ready to scale up to meet the new demand? What about in two years – or five or ten?

Focus on ROI

Delivering value for ROI should be central to the decisions you make about your company’s warehousing solutions.

“At Exegistics, we demonstrate these pillars of functionality, flexibility, integration, and scalability by implementing various innovation programs>,” said Malik. “Our culture of innovation is rooted in an ethos that moves us to constantly ask, ‘What is the next best version of this?’ Our ethos is most tangible through our focus on ROI. We show that our warehouse management solutions deliver a return on investment for our customers.”

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