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Exegistics Releases New eBook: How to Develop a Veteran Hiring Program

veteran hiring program

Exegistics recently released an eBook, How to Develop a Veteran Hiring Program, as a playbook for CEOs, HR executives, and Directors of Diversity and Inclusion. The new guide provides tools, resources, and videos for developing a veteran workplace initiative. It also includes proven strategies and advice for hiring, interviewing, mentoring, and creating strategies for long-term success.

Authored by Marine Corps Veteran and CEO/Founder of Exegistics, Stephen Olds, the eBook underscores how veterans can bolster a wide variety of businesses. Veterans comprise nearly 8% of the adult population in the United States, and with 200,000 people leaving active duty each year, businesses have access to highly skilled talent. With the eBook, business leaders will have the resources needed to reach veterans, help them successfully transition to civilian careers, and drive business progress.

“Hiring veterans is more than a good idea, it’s good business,” says Olds. “Veterans are disciplined team players with a proven work ethic. Combined with transferable skills and accomplished communication skills, companies would be wise to develop a veteran-hiring initiative.”

The number one challenge that veterans face after leaving the military is finding work that not only matches their skillset but is at the same level as where they were in the military.

“Americans do a lot to celebrate and show appreciation to veterans after they return home from active duty. However, returning to employment after leaving the service has typically not been so promising,” finalizes Olds. “I feel a sense of responsibility to change that and be part of the solution.”

Click here to download the eBook.