Doubling Headcount to Increase Critical PPE Output


As the coronavirus pandemic persists, preventing the spread of infection to and from health care workers and patients relies on the effective use of personal protective equipment (PPE) including gloves, face masks, gowns, face shields, shoe covers, and more.

Applying the most conservative level of PPE is the best protection, and given the surge of cases and testing underway, PPE is in high demand and manufacturers are racing to ramp up production.

Exegistics Resource Solutions Provides:
  • Workflow agility

  • Increasing headcount

  • Short-term, long-term and peak season projects

  • Warehouse and light industrial


A Fortune 500 Health Care Distribution company tapped Exegistics to assist in doubling their contingent workforce to help support their ramp up initiatives to increase PPE output.

Within two weeks we were able to increase our headcount by 204%.

“When COVID-19 took hold, we knew certain customers would need to add hire quickly to keep up with an increase in demand, so we immediately turned our attention to more active recruiting,” says Chris Randich Director of Staffing Solutions at Exegistics. “Increasing headcount means that our client is well positioned to meet their immediate PPE distribution needs. It also means that we are providing jobs for people who have been displaced during the pandemic, which is an added benefit since so many people are hurting right now.”

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