We encourage and reward our Teammates for their ideas!

Our Proven Innovation Process allows our operations teams to partner with our customers to unlock the hidden ideas that lead to breakthrough performance improvements! We are obsessed with creating the Next Best Version of our customers!



Having a clear understanding of an operation’s objectives and goals is a critical starting point before any innovation process can begin.  Once this is clear, true brainstorming can start to create those early stage “AHA” thoughts.


Formalizing engagement transforms it from a passive, unfocused, ineffective “suggestion box” to a proactive approach that effectively produces targeted ideas. The goal is to generate ideas that will drive new business value.


The third process, “Evolve,” takes the output of the Engage process to the next level. In this process, companies evolve ideas– as individuals or as teams – to increase their quality and value. Soliciting and capturing ideas is not enough. Early feedback allows great ideas to be improved upon and issues to be raised so they can be resolved (if possible).


Simply discussing ideas is not enough. At some point companies must identify the innovations they believe are candidates for further investment. After selected ideas have been matured and narrowed down in an initial evaluation they may re-enter the Evolve sub- process for further definition and clarification, written specification, or mockup. Then they are ready to enter the second stage of the “Evaluate” sub-process to determine if they are worthy of a full business case. Ideas may iterate through multiple steps between the Evolve and Evaluate sub-processes until the ideas are mature enough to become a portfolio of potential products or projects that can be evaluated to determine the best mix of investments.


Of course all of the best ideas, proposals and business plans in the world are of no value unless they can be turned into a reality. The “Execute” process takes the input from the previous processes and executes a formal project to further develop the idea or implement it.

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