Keeping a Medical Testing Kit Company Ahead of the Curve


Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and antibody testing are being used by a variety of employers to test their employees for coronavirus and ensure they are safe to come to work. Testing is mission critical for essential businesses, particularly hospitals and health systems with close to seven million employees who are on the frontlines fighting the pandemic.

Based in Chicago, BASE10 Genetics, partnered with Exegistics to handle logistics for their medical testing kits including Rapid Antibody Test (results within 12-24 hours of lab processing) and PCR Test (results within 48 hours of lab processing).

“From dock to stock and then from stock to customer, we are working in lockstep with BASE10 to ensure they can keep up with growing demand for their product,” said Steve Bilden, VP of Operations for Exegistics.


BASE10 is scaling to meet demand and they needed a flexible partner that could manage all aspects of logistics, including:
  • Receiving product from overseas

  • Overseeing product through customs and homeland security

  • Warehousing product and ensuring swabs, vials, and materials are stored in a temperature stable environment

  • Providing portal access to monitor inventory on hand making it possible to run reports in real time and replenish product as needed

  • Overseeing recruiting, vetting, and staffing quality candidates to perform quality control, kitting, and assembly work

  • Managing last-minute requests, change orders, and special requests to maintain reliable shipping and delivery and help BASE10 meet increasing demand

As coronavirus infections surge in the United States, demand for testing is skyrocketing. The country continues to face a shortage of testing kits and equipment. For organizations like BASE10, delivering their products quickly and efficiently is not only critical for their business, it is mission critical for their healthcare clients who need to ensure their workforce is healthy and able to fight on the frontlines.

“This is an example of what a true partnership looks like,” adds Bilden. “BASE10 is the sales engine and we are the delivery system. This is how it should be. We free up their team to focus on scaling their business to meet the growing demand in the market. Through our staffing division, Exegistics Resource Solutions, we have the people power to fill orders quickly and efficiently and keep up with their pace.”

“The Exegistics team has been critical to our growth,” says BASE10 CEO Michael Fang, MD, “More than just a business, we are helping people get the care they need in this pandemic.   We needed a nimble partner and we liked Exegistics’ approach. Their transparency, technology and pricing structure enables us to keep our costs down and provide affordable, reliable medical testing kits to our healthcare clients.”


Coronavirus testing plays a pivotal role in helping business re-open and stay open. For a company specializing in medical testing kits, learn how our 3PL expertise is helping them scale quickly to meet market demand.

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