Exegistics Awarded with Teamwork and Family Spirit Award

As one of 5 suppliers, Exegistics has been awarded with the teamwork and family spirit award 2018 by Toyota Industrial Equipment.

Congratulations to Chris Alcorn and our Toyota operations team!

At Exegistics, we believe in living our core values and nurturing our company’s culture on a daily basis.

“Our values and culture determine how employees are treated, how we deliver value-added solutions to our customers, how we help them achieve operational excellence, and even how our employees get their jobs done,” says Exegistics Founder and CEO Stephen Olds.

We are proud of our great team at Exegistics and are honored to receive this award.

Our core values are the bedrock of Exegistics:

  • AHA! We are an organization that embraces innovation and “AHA” moments!
  • Believe in being part of something BIGGER than you and the accomplishments you will help to achieve.
  • Better Smarter Happier. We are dedicated in creating the best version of YOU!
  • Say/Do follow through on your commitment and promises.
  • Loud & Clear. Communicate Clearly and Be heard – we love different perspectives!
  • 1=3 Passion drives results where 1 passionate team member can achieve that of 3.

Are you looking to join a culture-driven organization? Exegistics may be the place for you. Join our award-winning team!

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