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Surviving a Tight Labor Market

The demand for warehouse workers is increasing just as the labor market is contracting. This situation might seem counterintuitive at first glance. Millions of people have lost their jobs during the pandemic, and unemployment is holding steady at 6.2% — so why is it so hard for employers to find workers to fill open positions?


A combination of factors contributes to the shrinking talent pool and tight labor market. An aging workforce is starting to retire. The required skill level for warehouse workers is growing, as technology evolves and there is greater demand for product personalization and value-added services. E-commerce has grown rapidly in the past year, accelerating trends that were already in progress before the pandemic, and causing e-commerce employment needs to surge even as the rest of the economy is still recovering.


If your business is struggling to recruit, hire, and retain skilled warehouse employees, a specialized staffing solution may be the answer. Whether you’re managing a large or small warehouse or distribution center, the right partner can help you find the right people to fill short-term, long-term and seasonal positions.

Here are some of the main advantages of working with a staffing company to improve your warehouse operations in a tough labor market:

  • Cost and time savings

A staffing partner does all the heavy lifting to identify and vet top talent for skills and culture fit. Hiring is time-consuming. Outsourcing this responsibility allows your internal team to focus on the priorities that will keep your business moving forward.

  • Customized searches

Every company is different, and an experienced staffing partner has established processes for conducting in-depth, customized searches to find the best talent for your needs.

  • Flexible staffing

An expert staffing partner can bring in the people you need, when you need them — whether you need a full-time machine or forklift operator or temporary, project-based staff to help with picking and packing.

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