Overview of 3PL Services

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The foundation of our structured operating approach

Why It Works: Our Values

Exegistics is a values-driven organization and we thrive on innovation. We take pride in developing and cultivating a high-performance culture. With more than 500 teammates, we are dedicated to achieving breakthrough results for our 3PL and supply chain customers. From Fortune 50 companies to mid-sized organizations, our customers include consumer products, industrial parts, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies & devices, and aerospace & defense.

“We needed a nimble partner and we liked Exegistics’ approach. Their transparency, technology, and pricing structure enable us to keep our costs down and provide affordable, reliable medical testing kits to our healthcare clients.”
Michael Fang, MD, BASE10 CEO


Are you looking for innovative ways to cut costs, hire the talent you need, and stay competitive? We’d like to hear about your supply chain and discuss how we can help address your business needs.

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