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Driven by a innovation-based culture and an entrepreneurial spirit, we strive for operational excellence by collaborating with customers to improve cash flow, reduce costs, and increase speed to market.

With 16 U.S.-based locations, an extensive transportation carrier base, a performance-focused recruiting team and a variety of technology solutions, Exegistics can design, build, and execute high-impact results for your operation through our three core offerings: Warehouse and Distribution, Transportation Management, and Operational Staffing.

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Exegistics has integrated technology into each of our core offerings. Leveraging seamless cloud-based solutions, customers have access to their warehousing, distribution, transportation, and operational staffing information from anywhere in the world.

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The foundation of our structured operating approach

Why It Works: Our Values

Exegistics is a values-driven organization. We thrive on innovation and take pride in developing and cultivating a high performance culture within our client-focused teams, leading to breakthrough results for our customers.

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