60 Workers Hired in 7 Weeks

A Health Care Distribution company needed to ramp up during coronavirus; learn how we stepped in and got the job done.

Retention Incentive Plan

A warehouse in Texas surged 29% in its parcel distribution activities but lacked the staff to deliver on its contract. Learn about a retention incentive plan that reduced turnover and was delivered as a pass-through cost.

4 Steps for Success in Hiring Temporary Workers

Hiring Temporary Employees

Hiring temporary employees can give your company valuable staffing support when you most need it – such as during a busy seasonal period or a project that requires certain skills. Qualified temporary workers allow your business to scale to meet demand while still maintaining flexibility, but finding the right people to fill short-term roles is […]

Providing Staffing Solutions to Ramp Up PPE Production During the COVID-19 Pandemic

PPE production

As coronavirus lingers, production of personal protective equipment (PPE) including gloves, face masks, gowns, face shields, and shoe covers continues, as demand for PPE within healthcare and other industries remains high. When a Fortune 500 Health Care Distribution company needed help ramping up production of PPE, Exegistics Resource Solutions activated quickly. Our team provided the […]