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4 Steps for Success in Hiring Temporary Workers

Hiring Temporary Employees

Hiring temporary employees can give your company valuable staffing support when you most need it – such as during a busy seasonal period or a project that requires certain skills. Qualified temporary workers allow your business to scale to meet demand while still maintaining flexibility, but finding the right people to fill short-term roles is often challenging. Follow these four strategies to successfully hire temporary workers for your team.

Identify the need.

Clearly define the problem you are trying to solve with additional staff. What is your overarching goal? What staffing gaps do you need to fill, and for how long? What are the requirements of the open positions? Do candidates need special expertise or qualifications? Outline exactly what you are looking for so you can write an accurate job description and conduct a well-informed search.

Get the most from your team.

Think about how your current employees can work effectively with temporary staff. How can you utilize short-term workers to support critical staff? Does it make sense to have full-time employees dedicate their time to more challenging tasks, while temporary workers focus on more straightforward assignments? Assign temporary staff to limited, specific duties that will move you toward your main goal.

Cover your legal bases.

Do your research on state and federal employment and tax laws to make sure your company is compliant. What paperwork do temporary workers need to complete? Is your company responsible for providing unemployment or other employee benefits? Seek expert advice, and create a standard independent contractor agreement that you can adjust depending on your needs for each role. A basic contract should specify factors like job responsibilities, compensation, company policies, and project scope and duration.

Work with a staffing partner.

Vetting, hiring, and onboarding new employees is a time-consuming process – and it feels even more burdensome if you are already understaffed. Partner with a company that has proven experience hiring talent for short-term positions to free up your team’s valuable time. At Exegistics, our experienced team finds qualified workers for a wide range of warehouse and light industrial jobs. We thoroughly vet candidates based on skill and cultural fit, reducing time-to-fill rates and ensuring you get the best talent available.

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