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Exegistics Sponsors Veteran Career Event

Exegistics is proud to be a veteran-owned small business. Our founder and CEO, retired Marine Corps Officer Stephen Olds, is dedicated to addressing the problem of veteran unemployment and underemployment, and creating more opportunities for servicemembers entering the workforce.

On July 10, Exegistics co-hosted a roundtable, The Value of Integrating Veterans into Your Workforce & Strategies for Mutual Success, with two other organizations, York Solutions and the ICATT Apprenticeship Program, at mHUB in Chicago. The event was open to CEOs, HR professionals, and veteran service organizations, and centered around strategies for building long-term career opportunities for veterans within companies.

Stephen Olds joined Brandi Will, SVP of Program Development at York Solutions, and Mario Kratsch, head of the ICATT Apprenticeship Program, in two panel discussions moderated by Victor LaGroon, Diversity and Inclusion Veterans Employment Advisor:

  • Opportunities for Integrating Veterans into Your Workforce
  • Strategies for Mutual Success

“When businesses hire veterans, they benefit from their individual expertise,” said Olds. “But they also benefit from the attitude that is instilled in servicemembers – that teamwork is crucial to reach the organization’s shared goals. Vets bring a ‘one team, one goal’ mentality to the workplace culture, and it’s powerful and far-reaching.”

Olds stressed the importance of recognizing the cultural differences between military and civilian work environments. He said it’s essential for veterans to learn how to talk about their relevant experience in the military, as well as for companies to tailor their recruiting strategies to entice more veterans to apply.

“At Exegistics, we use partnerships with community organizations and post to military recruitment sites, but we also adjust our marketing materials to translate military skills and experience into civilian job responsibilities,” said Olds. “Organizations that want to recruit veterans can use military classification codes in their jobs postings. These codes specify an individual’s job, rank, and additional qualifications or training.”

Veterans exemplify characteristics, such as enthusiasm, leadership, discipline, and work ethic, that are valuable in any workplace. Does this describe you? At Exegistics we’re always looking for talented, hard-working individuals to join our team. To learn more about working for Exegistics click here.